Friday, December 21, 2012

Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay

Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay

We all knew that most of the Filipino people went through struggling our life to find better source of income abroad in order to sustain all the financial needs of our love once and family. Even though knowing that working abroad we are facing big hazards of life just because we love our family back home.

They encountered different types of problems such as homesickness, committed into paying debts over bank's loan, stress on different cause, adopting weather and the environment as well as the people surrounds you.

There are a lot of sad stories happening now a days but still, people trying hard to find jobs along abroad even though we all knew that the bottom line was it will come up into family trouble/separated among the most couples.

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Here's what Rosemarie of DAR said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

"Jomar Hilario taught me the virtue of patience and the skill to convert complex information into simple one. He also taught me that age and status does not matter if one is persistent to fulfill his or her dream. He always reminded his students to be very positive.

I am already 47 years old but I am persistent that I can draw something positive from Jomar Hilario's lessons. I started receiving free lessons from Jomar October of 2011 and from then on, there is no single weekday that I missed Jomar's different websites to learn new things. I am also presently employed but I dream of someday and see myself working from home, earning big and having more quality time with my family.

Presently, I am enrolled in the one-year lesson of Online Mentoring Club 2 (OMC2) of Jomar where students are first soaked into the proper mindset on real online internet marketer should think and act before really proceeding with the technicalities of the lesson. It's a self-paced program that one is bound to internalize the lessons before proceeding to the next step.

I also enrolled in the Planning Session of Jomar February of 2012 where we were taught the importance of planning, providing details to the plan and making visualization before putting things into proper action.

Last February 18, 2012, I attended the Virtual Assistant Seminar of Jomar and there I learned the proper way of making online resume shine. We were also required to submit 10 tutorials of different online software. This is where I learned patience more in researching and the skill to convert complex things that I learned into a more simple tutorials that other users can benefit from. I am just about to submit my assignments this week. Almost three (3) months after I attended the VA seminar. Every a software lesson is a challenge but once done, the feeling is exhilarating that I was able to learn something new and there are more things that I can learn online to upgrade myself.

I am still planning to enroll in the downloadable version of Deep Internet Secret of Jomar Hilario and his other courses soon and there is no stopping to upgrade myself and learn more!"

Rosemarie Lomibao
Information Officer V
Department of Agrarian Reform

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jomar Hilario's Program Testimonials

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here's what Ofelia of King Khalid University Hospital said about Jomar

I am currently abroad. I am looking for ways that where I can spend my time 
wisely and productively. Then, Bro. Bo introduced Jomar Hilario in his 
 Soulfood Article so people may earn online. Honestly, I was interested with  
the idea of earning online. I followed the link, went through the
 OMC2 lessons 1, 2 and 3. I was hooked to it that I wanted to start blogging.
 I don't have any idea on where to start but Bro. Jomar  gave the smart 
 idea on how to start it. The idea is not only smart but very realistic and 
anybody, young or old, employed  or unemployed, creative or not, talented 
or not so very talented, technologically inclined or old-fashioned can start the
 online business. Same with what Bro. Bo made me realized that I need to leave
 my comfort zone, start today, do not delay things and be  courageous. I need to
 share to the world the gift that my heroes shared to me. Enjoy life!

Ofelia Mendoza
medical secretary
King Khalid University Hospital

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Filipino Outsourcers: World Class Quality!


Filipino Personal Outsourcers Trump Indian Counterparts in World Market
August 4,2010
by Jomar Hilario

Big Companies like outsourcing because it saves on staffing and other costs. But do you know that best selling authors  like Tim Ferris' of the Four Hour Workweek Fame have personally outsourced their business and lives to Filipinos based in the Philippines?

The concept, originally made popular in Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat" used to be a totally Indian business. You email someone in India to write your book, create a poem, order pizza, create a report, create websites, create an apology letter to your wife for forgetting your anniversary - then order flowers for her.  

Now it's the Filipino Personal Outsourcer who's very very popular in the world market as leading suppliers of intelligent personal / virtual assistants (VA) to the world's top business people.  We're especially popular to the American business man as we actually understand things like "under the weather" and "barking up the wrong tree" - idioms that other cultures have a hard time understanding.

Witness American sites like which is devoted to evangelizing to top leaders in business that Filipino Virtual Assistants are the only option for them if they want to outsource personal and business matters.  There was even an under-the-radar meeting in Boracay earlier this year featuring 80 international business people : the topic: Hiring Filipino VAs.

So how does one tap into this lucrative market and become a VA?   To get into this business early, you can personally learn from a Filipino who's dealt with Virtual Assistants since 2006: Jomar Hilario.

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This Can Change Your Life Forever!

I always wanted to have that 24 inch waistline!
Yeah, I am one of the million women out there who fool ourselves by sporadic impulse of loosing weight.
Been there, done that.
Vigorous exercise for three days, and bunch eating the other day.
The battle cry of south beach diet, and saw myself cheating with doughnuts and pastries the next day.
I started that resolution last December 2011, and now, 2012 will end in few days but I am still the same fat me!( Truth hurts!!!!).
Are you doing the same on your financial life?
When is the last time that you actually plan to add some bucks to your bank account?
I will save today, build my dream home, buy that car,or invest in the stock market!
But then, here you are again, with your Holiday Bonus blown in the wind.
Some of my friends told me that they are not excited to receive the bonus and salary.
Why??? Because it is not meant for them.
It is for the electric bill, car loans, credit card debt and so on.
Can we really make it this time?
What can we do to possibly make our bank accounts full tanked?
I found one solution for that old problem that has been bogging me for the last few years since I started earning.
Part time job!
Nahhhhh. I am not talking about MLM ( Multi-level Marketing).
Business opportunities where you need to invite and invite.
I tried before but I quit doing that.Haha!
I love to write, I spend too much time on Social Media sites.
And I never had any idea that I can turn that 2 to 4 hours a day into $$$$$$$. 
Lots and lots of $$$$$$$.
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I bought his product in a regular rate.
But the good news was, he is now giving crazy, huge discount to all his Materials!!!
He bought this knowledge at almost about 700,000php.
And now he's giving it away at a very low,low,low prices!!!
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