Friday, December 21, 2012

Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay

Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay

We all knew that most of the Filipino people went through struggling our life to find better source of income abroad in order to sustain all the financial needs of our love once and family. Even though knowing that working abroad we are facing big hazards of life just because we love our family back home.

They encountered different types of problems such as homesickness, committed into paying debts over bank's loan, stress on different cause, adopting weather and the environment as well as the people surrounds you.

There are a lot of sad stories happening now a days but still, people trying hard to find jobs along abroad even though we all knew that the bottom line was it will come up into family trouble/separated among the most couples.

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Here's what Rosemarie of DAR said about Jomar's OMC & VA Seminar

"Jomar Hilario taught me the virtue of patience and the skill to convert complex information into simple one. He also taught me that age and status does not matter if one is persistent to fulfill his or her dream. He always reminded his students to be very positive.

I am already 47 years old but I am persistent that I can draw something positive from Jomar Hilario's lessons. I started receiving free lessons from Jomar October of 2011 and from then on, there is no single weekday that I missed Jomar's different websites to learn new things. I am also presently employed but I dream of someday and see myself working from home, earning big and having more quality time with my family.

Presently, I am enrolled in the one-year lesson of Online Mentoring Club 2 (OMC2) of Jomar where students are first soaked into the proper mindset on real online internet marketer should think and act before really proceeding with the technicalities of the lesson. It's a self-paced program that one is bound to internalize the lessons before proceeding to the next step.

I also enrolled in the Planning Session of Jomar February of 2012 where we were taught the importance of planning, providing details to the plan and making visualization before putting things into proper action.

Last February 18, 2012, I attended the Virtual Assistant Seminar of Jomar and there I learned the proper way of making online resume shine. We were also required to submit 10 tutorials of different online software. This is where I learned patience more in researching and the skill to convert complex things that I learned into a more simple tutorials that other users can benefit from. I am just about to submit my assignments this week. Almost three (3) months after I attended the VA seminar. Every a software lesson is a challenge but once done, the feeling is exhilarating that I was able to learn something new and there are more things that I can learn online to upgrade myself.

I am still planning to enroll in the downloadable version of Deep Internet Secret of Jomar Hilario and his other courses soon and there is no stopping to upgrade myself and learn more!"

Rosemarie Lomibao
Information Officer V
Department of Agrarian Reform

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