Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Can Change Your Life Forever!

I always wanted to have that 24 inch waistline!
Yeah, I am one of the million women out there who fool ourselves by sporadic impulse of loosing weight.
Been there, done that.
Vigorous exercise for three days, and bunch eating the other day.
The battle cry of south beach diet, and saw myself cheating with doughnuts and pastries the next day.
I started that resolution last December 2011, and now, 2012 will end in few days but I am still the same fat me!( Truth hurts!!!!).
Are you doing the same on your financial life?
When is the last time that you actually plan to add some bucks to your bank account?
I will save today, build my dream home, buy that car,or invest in the stock market!
But then, here you are again, with your Holiday Bonus blown in the wind.
Some of my friends told me that they are not excited to receive the bonus and salary.
Why??? Because it is not meant for them.
It is for the electric bill, car loans, credit card debt and so on.
Can we really make it this time?
What can we do to possibly make our bank accounts full tanked?
I found one solution for that old problem that has been bogging me for the last few years since I started earning.
Part time job!
Nahhhhh. I am not talking about MLM ( Multi-level Marketing).
Business opportunities where you need to invite and invite.
I tried before but I quit doing that.Haha!
I love to write, I spend too much time on Social Media sites.
And I never had any idea that I can turn that 2 to 4 hours a day into $$$$$$$. 
Lots and lots of $$$$$$$.
You really want to know how?
I get myself a mentor!
I bought his product in a regular rate.
But the good news was, he is now giving crazy, huge discount to all his Materials!!!
He bought this knowledge at almost about 700,000php.
And now he's giving it away at a very low,low,low prices!!!
You wanted to know how?

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